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Real Estate/Construction

Real Estate/Construction

Problems with renting (Negotiation of rental fees, evictions, leaseholds)

Problems with buying and selling (Defective housing, Sale by private contract)

Problems with neighbors (Noise, Vibrations, Land boundary disputes)

Criminal Cases

Criminal Cases



Cases involving minors

Cases involving foreigners

Child prostitution, Child pornography



Secretly taking photos

Rape, Sexual harassment

Physical Assault, Physical Assault resulting in Injury

Theft, Shoplifting



Road-Traffic violations, crimes

Stimulant Drugs, Marijuana, Narcotics

Divorce, Relationship Issues

Divorce, Relationship Issues

Adultery, Cheating

Living Separately


Domestic violence

Sexless marriage

Psychological abuse

Payment of living expenses

Debt, Over-expenditure

Drinking, Alcoholism

Problems with family, relatives

Division of property, assets

Child-support payments

Custody of child

Marriage fees

Compensations, settlement fee

Getting a divorce

Avoiding a divorce


Money borrowing, Debt consolidations

Money borrowing, Debt consolidations


Refunds for over payment of interest from financial institutions

Dealing with loan sharks

Voluntary Liquidation

Debt Settlement

Traffic Accidents

Traffic Accidents

Accidents resulting in death

Accidents resulting in destruction of property

Accidents resulting in injury

Determining permanent disability class

Determining percentage of liability

Payment of compensation, Settlements

Will, Inheritance

Will, Inheritance


Relinquishing inheritance

Investigation on inheritors

Division of inheritance

Distributuve share reducing request

Registration of inheritance, changing of names

Adult guardianship

Investigation and listing of Assets

Labor Disputes

Labor Disputes

Abuse of authority, Sexual Harassment

Demanding salary payment, overtime payment

Work requirements, Human resources

Illegitimate firing

Determination of workplace accident

Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery



Corporate Law, Legal Advisory

Corporate Law, Legal Advisory

M&A, Business Succession

Human resources, Labor rules

Intellectual property, Patents

Bankruptcy, Restructuring

Public Relations


We also offer services in a variety of other fields. Please contact us for more information



Service Details
Consultation First time: 30 mins, Free of charge / Thereafter: 5500 yen every 30 mins

We will provide you with an estimate/quotation before formally accepting your request.
Civil Cases Initial fee: 5~8% of profits gained
Contingent fee: 10~16% of profits gained

The above fee the Japan Federation of Bar Associations’ former standards and regulations on remunerations. Fees can be decided upon discussion with the cls are based onient and can be based on difficulty of the case and outlook.
Criminal Cases Using the Japan Federation of Bar Associations’ former standards and regulations on remunerations as a reference, Initial and Contingent fees will be decided upon discussion with the client.
Advisory Contract We are able to sign a legal advisory contract with you anytime. Please inquire for further details.


Lawyer Introduction

Takeshi Itakura

Representative Attorney  Takeshi Itakura

“Early consultation leads to a quicker and less expensive resolution.”

In our daily lives, we all have small problems.
We often hear that people sometimes wonder if they should ask a lawyer about such things. However, that’s when it’s okay to ask!

Lawyers are not specialists in every field; they are only generalists. For example, If the problem is construction-related, first-class architects know more on how to solve that.
However, lawyers often collaborate with various professionals and are in a position to be the hub for solving problems in society. Therefore, if you have a problem in your daily life, please contact us. If we can solve your problem over the phone, the cost will be less, and even if it is not a case that requires an attorney, we can refer you to a specialist in that field.

We do our best and work everyday so that clients can say to us “Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me.” and we would consider this a great reward.
Our firm handles a variety of cases, focusing on construction and real estate disputes, small and medium-sized business law, cases involving anti social forces (gang members), cases dealing with complaints, harassment cases, criminal cases, and family matters such as divorce and inheritance.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


1993  Graduated from Azabu High School

2001  Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture

Joined an Architectural Firm

2013  Passed Bar

2014  Registered as a Lawyer at the Tokyo Bar Association


2015~2019  Tokyo Bar Association, Member of Special Committee on Taxation

2016~Present  Tokyo Bar Association, Member of Special Committee on Intervention by Anti Social Forces on Civilians

2016  Tokyo Bar Association Council Member, Japan Federation of Bar Associations Council Member

2017~Present  Tokyo Bar Association, Member of Committee on Measures Against Obstruction of Business Activities

2017  Tokyo Bar Association Shinwa Zenkikai, Executive Secretary

2018~2019  Tokyo Bar Association: Member of Committee on Determining and Confirming Personal Information of Clients

2018~Present  Certified Tax Accountant

2019   Tokyo Bar Association Hoso Daidokai, Deputy Secretary General

2020~Present   Tokyo Bar Association Legal Education Center, Member

2021   Japan Federation of Bar Associations Council, Member

2021   Tokyo Bar Association Shinwa Zenkikai, Executive Secretary

Affiliated Organizations

The National Conference of Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs

Published Works

7th Edition Taxation Law for Legal Experts [Corporate Law Part] (In collaboration with Dai-Ichi Hoki)

Practical Work for Lawyers on Harassment Cases (In collaboration with Dai-Ichi Hoki)

The 21 Methods for Criminal Cases (In collaboration with Dai-Ichi Hoki)

The 21 Methods for Inheritance Cases (In collaboration with Dai-Ichi Hoki)

The 21 Methods for Preservation/Enforcement Cases (In collaboration with Dai-Ichi Hoki)

板倉武志 弁護士②
板倉武志 弁護士③

Attorney  Hiroyoshi Murata



Name of Office Itakura Law Office (Itakura Sougou Houritsu Jimusho)
Representative Attorney Takeshi Itakura
Office Location Bengoshi Biru 408, 1-21-8 Nishi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003
TEL / FAX TEL : 03-5860-9438 / FAX : 03-5860-9439
Operating Hours 9:30~18:00
(Please inquire when assistance is needed on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays or outside operating hours)






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